Final Program

ICT / ECT 2024 Conference, Krakow 30.06.-04.07.2024 >>>>>> 


ver  04.07.24                                                                                                                                                                             SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2024


                                                  SUMMER THERMOELECTRIC SCHOOL

                                                                                                                    VENUE: AGH UNIVERSITY OF KRAKOW

                                                                                                                                  BUILDING B8, ROOM 010

                                                                                                                                                                   AKADEMICKA 4, KRAKÓW

  8:30  -  9:00



Session 1

Chairmen: Krzysztof WOJCIECHOWSKI & Janusz TOBOLA

9:00 - 10:15

Prof. Dr. Laurent CHAPUT

University of Lorraine, Nancy, France

Transport theory and ab initio calculations: application to thermoelectric materials

10:15 - 11:30

Prof. Dr. Yuri GRIN

Max Planck Institute of Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden, Germany

Chemical bonding and thermoelectric properties of materials

11:30 - 12:00

Coffee break

12:00 - 13:15

Prof. Dr. G. Jeffrey SNYDER

Northwestern University, Evanston, United States

Engineering Thermal Conductivity in Complex Materials

13:15 - 14:30


Session 2

Chairmen: Taras PARASHCHUK & Bartłomiej WIENDLOCHA

14:30 - 15:15

Prof. Lyudmyla VIKHOR

Institute of Thermoelectricity, Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Modeling of the thermoelectric converter characteristics

15:15 - 16:00

Prof. Dr. Lei MIAO

Guangxi University, Nanning, China

Wearable Thermoelectric Generators: From Devices to Applications

16:00 - 16:30

Coffee break

16:30 - 17:15


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, United States

Practical considerations in designing RTGs for deep space missions

SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2024




16:00 - 18:00


18:00 - 20:00



MONDAY, JULY 1, 2024



Large Hall (A & B)

OPENING Ceremony

Chairmen: Krzysztof WOJCIECHOWSKI & Janusz TOBOLA


Jerzy LIS

Welcome by the Rector of AGH University of Krakow

Jean-Pierre FLEURIAL

40th Anniversary of the ICT Conference


20th Anniversary of the ECT Conference


Chairman: Takao MORI



Zintl phases: 1929-2024, from crystal chemistry to thermoelectric properties


Lidong CHEN

Recent progress on thermoelectrics in China


Coffee break

Large Hall A

Session:  Thin layers I

Chairman: Tomasz STORY

Large Hall B

Session:  Heuslers I

Chairman:  Yoichi NISHINO

Medium Hall

Session:   Electronic and phonon structure I

Chairman: Holger KLEINKE



Joseph P. Heremans, Bin HE, Y. Pan, D. Chen, F. Serrano-Sanchez, C. Felser

One-dimensional quantization gives experimental zT > 2.5

Hidetoshi MIYAZAKI, T. Fujimoto, M. Mikami, Y. Nishino

Thermoelectric properties of Heusler-type Ru2TiSi Compounds

Ø. A. Grimenes, O. M. Løvvik, G. J. Snyder, Kristian BERLAND

Electron scattering in materials with extended Fermi surfaces


Rajeev DUTT, B. Sahni, Zhen Li, P. Graziosi, N. Neophytou

The importance of polar optical phonon scattering in the thermoelectric properties of half-Heuslers

H. Maebashi, K. Takahashi, H. Matsuura, Masao OGATA

 Lorenz Ratio in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems: Effects of Umklapp Scattering


Peter P. MURMU, J. Kennedy, M. Markwitz, T. Mori

Defect and dopant complex mediated high power factor in transparent selenium doped copper iodide thin films

Yuzuru MIYAZAKI, Y. Huang, N. S. Chauhan, X. Nan, Z. C. Huang, K. Hayashi


Bond-engineering to Develop High-performance
Fe-based Half-Heusler Alloys

L. Liu, M. Yao, Y. Wang, Y. Jin, J. Ji, H. Luo, Y. Cao, Y. Xiong, Y. Sheng, X. Li, D. Qiu, L. Xi, J. Xi, W. Zhang, L. Chen, Jiong YANG

The MatHub-3d First-Principles Repository and the Applications on Thermoelectrics


Jiří BULÍŘ, J. M. Chevalier, P. Hubík, E. de Prado, L. Volfová, L. Fekete, J. Lančok

Optical and electrical properties of p-type doped CrN films for thermoelectric devices

B. Agrawal, J. de Boor, Titas DASGUPTA

A Multi-Band Refinement Technique (MBRT) for Analyzing Electronic Band Structure of Thermoelectric Materials


C. V. MANZANO, B. Abad-Mayor, O. Caballero-Calero, M. Martín-González

Exploring the thermoelectric properties of electrodeposited films:
Bi2Te3, CuNi, and Ag2Se

Kazuki IMASATO, P. Sauerschnig, K.K. Johari, H. Miyazaki, T. Ishida, A. Yamamoto, M. Ohta

p-type to n-type Transition in Triple Half-Heuslers composition


Laurent CHAPUT

Ab initio calculations of the thermoelectric figure of merit


T. Choi, Tae Young KIM

Presenter: Junghwan Lee

Thermal Design of Thermoelectric-Based Engineering Prototypes: Thermoelectric Generator, Personal Ventilator, and Scalp Cooler

M. Ozen, S. S. Shahgoli, G. Aliyeva, A. B. Burçak, Umut AYDEMIR

Optimizing a-MgAgSb as a Te-free Alternative for Room Temperature

Thermoelectric Applications



Session:   Flexible inorganic materials

 Chairman: Lidong CHEN

Session:   Chalcogenides I

Chairman: Peter BALÁŽ

Session:  Electronic and phonon structure II

Chairman: Ole Martin LØVVIK


Xun SHI, P. Qiu, T.-R. Wei, L. Chen

Thermoelectric materials and devices based on ductile semiconductors

Taras PARASHCHUK, B. Wiendlocha, O. Cherniushok, K. Pryga, K. Ciesielski, E. Toberer, K. T. Wojciechowski

Highly efficient GeTe developed by multiple defect states engineering

Nirpendra SINGH

2D Materials for Converting Heat to Energy: A Theoretical Perspective


Yu-Ke ZHU, Z. Liu, J. Sui

Design of N-Type Textured Bi2Te3 with Robust Mechanical Properties for Thermoelectric Micro-Refrigeration Application

Frank F. YUN, T. Aizawa, S. Suehara, S. Otani, T. Mori

Electronic properties and surface phonons for (0001) CrB2


Shiqi YANG, Q. Yang, P. Qiu, X. Shi, L. Chen

Flexible thermoelectrics based on ductile semiconductors

Zhifeng REN

Thermoelectric Cooling and Power Generation below 250 Degree Celsius

Shengnan DAI, J. Xia, J. Yang

The role of lattice thermal conductivity suppression by dopants from a holistic perspective



N. Jakhar, Surjeet SINGH

High-performance, predictability and excellent reproducibility in ‘ductile’ superionic thermoelectrics Ag2X (X = Se, and Te)

Q. Shao, J. Li, X. Yan, B. Cui, X. Li, C. J. Zeman IV, M. A. Mosquera, L. O. Jones, G. C. Schatz, J. Yang, Matthew A. GRAYSON

Temperature Dependence of Band Gaps in Transverse Thermoelectrics: Partial Gap Analysis of Re4Si7


Yuechu WANG, A. Li, H. Hu, C. Fu, T. Zhu

Reversible Room Temperature Brittle-Plastic Transition in Ag2Te1-xSx Inorganic Thermoelectric Semiconductors

Ilayda TERZI, K. Pryga, B. Wiendlocha, S. El Oualid, P. Masschelein,

C. Candolfi, B. Lenoir

Unlocking N-Type Conduction and Resonant Level Formation Through Zn Substitution in SnTe

Xanthippi ZIANNI

Manipulating electrons and phonons in nanowaveguides for optimal thermoelectric metamaterials


Qihao ZHANG, L. Franke, M. I. Khan, Md. M. Mallick, U. Lemmer

3D Printing flexible thermoelectric devices for sustainable power generation and cooling

    Da-hye KIM, S. Shin, S. J. Jeon, S. Han,
High-performance P-type hybrid thermoelectric fibers using co-sputtering for thermoelectric textiles 


Santosh KUMAR, M. Battabyal, D. K. Satapathy,
Flexible Printed Thermoelectric Films for Energy Harvesting Applications 

Alessandro DIFALCO, M. Palumbo, S. Boldrini, A. Ferrario, C. Fanciulli, O. Rouleau, B. Villeroy, G. Barrera, P.M. Tiberto, P. Allia, M. Baricco, A. Castellero, and E. Alleno,

The role of vacancies on structural, transport, magnetic and half-metallic properties of Co2ZrSn Heusler alloy

Byungki RYU, S. Park, J. Jang, J. Park, J.-H. Son,

J. Chung, S. Ayachi, A. Duparchy, E. Mueller, J. de Boor, S.D. Park Thermoelectric Instability in Mg-based Thermoelectric Alloys


Sivakumar NANTHINI, H. Shankar, P. Veluswamy, Fabrication and Characterization of Stibnite-Modified Cotton fabric for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting

Shen HAN, S. Dai, J. Ma, J. Yang, C. Fu, T. Zhu,
Strong phonon softening and avoided crossing in aliovalence-doped heavy-band thermoelectrics

Kacper PRYGA, B. Wiendlocha

Influence of electron resonant scattering on thermoelectric performance of







Large Hall A

Session:  TE modules I

Chairman: Ryoji FUNAHASHI

Large Hall B

Session:  Cu-based chalcogenides I

Chairman: Xun SHI

Medium Hall

Session:  Machine-learning

Chairman: Jihui YANG


Yanliang ZHANG

High-throughput Printing of High-Performance and Flexible Thermoelectric Devices and Their Applications

I. Terzi, K. Pryga, P. Levinský, S. El Oualid, S. Migot, J. Ghanbaja, C. Gendarme, T. Schweitzer, B. Malaman, G. Le Caër, B. Lenoir, C. Candolfi,

Influence of anisotropy and defects on the electronic structure and transport properties of SnBi2Te4

Eric TOBERER, A. Novick, C. Gerber, R. Orenstein, H. Chaffee, C. Porter,
K. Ciesielski

Exploring high entropy chalcogenide alloys with machine-learned interatomic potentials and convex-hull aware active learning


Sahil TIPPIREDDY, P. Vaqueiro, R. Smith, A. V. Powell

The Impact of Selenium Substitution on the Structural and Thermoelectric Properties of Cation-Deficient Bornites

E. R. Remesal, V. Posligua, A. M. Márquez, José J. PLATA

High-throughput screening of the thermoelectric performance of inorganic materials: balancing accuracy, complexity and computational cost


Tarek MAKANSI, E. T. Enikov,
Novel Super-Efficient Thermoelectric Device where a Junction Alternates between Hot and Cold by Storing Charge


Copper-containing sulfides as thermoelectric materials with low lattice thermal conductivities

Yukari KATSURA, T. Mato, Y. Takada, E. Fujita, E. Koyama, A. Tanaka, F. Hosono, S. Kohri, D. Yana, M. Fujimoto, N. Saito, T. N. T. Phoung, Y. Sakamoto, K. Kimura, K. Tsuda, M. Kumagai

Starrydata web system with experimental transport properties of 50,000+ samples from literature


Jorge GARCÍA-CAÑADAS, F. Vidan, B. Beltrán-Pitarch

Impedance spectroscopy analysis of the thermal contact resistance between thermoelectric modules and heat exchangers

S. Athar, N. Ramsahye, Philippe JUND

Accelerated discovery of efficient thermoelectric materials using a novel machine learning approach


Carlotta R. CAPELLO, A. Masci, E. Dimaggio, G. Pennelli
Exploitation of Silicon CMOS-compatible techniques for the manipulation

of phonons

Ruihuan CHENG  and Yue Chen

Strong Phonon Scattering and Suppressed Thermal Transport in Cu4TiSe4

N. K. Barua, Holger KLEINKE

Machine Learning Predictions of Thermoelectric Properties with Experimental Validation


Junghwan LEE, T.Y. Kim

Numerical study of waste heat recovery performance of a thermoelectric generator according to the porosity and location of the perforated plate in the exhaust gas channel

Oleksandr CHERNIUSHOK, T. Parashchuk, K.T. Wojciechowski

Discovery of a new Cu-based thermoelectric material with high ZT near room temperature


 Panagiotis S. IOANNOU, P. Mangelis, S. Hadjipanteli, G. Mesaritis, AK Søiland, T. Kyratsi

Progress in the development of thermoelectric modules based on

magnesium and manganese silicide, derived from recycled Si-kerf

Koichiro SUEKUNI, M. Yamamoto, P. Sauerschnig, M. Ohta, P. Lemoine, E. Guilmeau, M. Ohtaki

Boosting the thermoelectric performance of Ge-substituted Cu26Ti2Sb6S32 colusite via introduction of sulfur vacancies

I. Caro, M. M. González Barrios, O. J. Dura, E. Fransson, J. J. Plata, D. Ávila-Brande, J. Prado-Gonjal, Antonio M. MÁRQUEZ

Challenges reconciling theory and experiments in the prediction of lattice thermal conductivity: the Cu-based sulvanites


Mofasser MALLICK, L. Franke, A. Rösch, Q. Zhang, M.I. Khan, I. Brunetti,

U. Lemmer

Ag2Se/Sb1.5Bi0.5Te3-based fully printed origami thermoelectric module for lowgrade thermal energy harvesting

Bhawna SAHNI, Z. Li, Rajeev Dutt, P. Graziosi, and N.Neophytou

Efficient ab initio electronic transport computations in half-Heuslers:

the example of NbFeSb

Michael PARZER, A. Riss, F. Garmroudi, J. de Boor, M. Reticcioli, T. Mori, E. Bauer

Software tool for comprehensive transport data analysis: Introduction and practical use cases


Coffee break

Session:  Thin layers II

Chairman:  Dario NARDUCCI

Session: Oxides I

Chairman:  Čestmír DRAŠAR

Session: Topological insulators

Chairman: Laurent CHAPUT


Tsunehiro TAKEUCHI, R. Ishihara, I. Masaoka, M. Omprakash, K. Delime-Codrin, S. Ghodke, K. Hirata, and M. Matsunami

High performance nano-bulk Si-Ge thermoelectric materials

A. Azulay, Yaron AMOUYAL

On the correlation between charge transport and lattice dynamics in calcium-manganate oxides

Michael Y. TORIYAMA, G. J. Snyder

Are Topological Insulators Promising Thermoelectrics?


Antonín SOJKA, J. Zich, T. Plecháček, J. Navrátil, P. Ruleová, K. Knížek,

Č. Drašar

Transition metal doping effects in polycrystalline Bi2O2Se

W. Zhou, T. Sasaki, K. Uchida, Y. Sakuraba

Large transverse thermopower achieved in direct-contact magnetic / thermoelectric bilayers


Bejan HAMAWANDI, I. Pudza, K. Pudzs, A. Kuzmin, P. Genc, S. Ballikaya, M. S. Toprak

Green Chemical Synthesis and Characterization of n-type Thermoelectric Ag2Se

Devang ANADKAT, Anil Pandya, Shreya Dungani, Chandrababu Badampudi, Anmol  Jaiswal, Nirali Patel, Anup V. Sanchela

The cost-effective approach to fabricate oxide-based bulk thermoelectric

generator for low-grade waste heat harvesting

Kurian E. VIPIN, P. Prahallad

Machine-Learning Guided Prediction of Thermoelectric Properties of

Topological Insulators



M. MARTIN-GONZALEZ, A. Ruiz-Clavijo, N. Pérez, G. Armelles, A. Beardo, FX. Alvarez, K. Nielsch, O. Caballero-Calero

Advancements in Thermoelectric 3D Nanowire Networks

Michitaka OHTAKI, L. Aoki, K. Suekuni

Chemical manipulation of electrical conductivity and thermopower of Ni-doped SrTiO3 via hydrogen reduction

Meng Zhao CHEN, J. L. Wang, K. Liu, W. S. Fan, Y. Sun, C. Felser, T. J. Zhu, C. Fu

Topological Heusler magnets-driven high-performance transverse Nernst thermoelectric generators


Federico GIULIO, A. Mazzacua, L. Calciati, D. Narducci

Structural and Electrical Characterization of Encapsulated Aligned Si Nanowires Obtained by Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching


Anuradha M. ASHOK, A. R. Nithya Davis

Enhanced thermoelectric properties in oxide ceramics through doping and grain boundary engineering

Tomasz STORY

Band inversion in topological IV-VI thermoelectric materials with Mn


Vanira TRIFILETTI, M. Massetti, A. Calloni, S. Luong, A. Pianetti, S. Milita, B. C. Schroeder, G. Bussetti, S. Binetti, S. Fabiano, O. Fenwick

Quasi-0D bismuth-based perovskite-derivates with thermal voltage exceeding 40 mV/K


Lakshmi Prabha CHANDRASEKAR , S. Mohandos, P. Veluswamy, Advancement in flexible Room Temperature Thermoelectric Performance: Doping Strategies in Copper Aluminate Spinel



Large Hall A

Session:  Chemistry

Chairman: G. Jeffrey SNYDER

Large Hall B

Session:   Zintl phases and skutterudites  

Chairman:  Alexandra ZEVALKINK

Medium Hall

Session:   Generators and heat pumps

Chairman: Zhifeng REN


Yuri GRIN, L. I. Anatychuk, P. Gille, M. Havrylyuk, M. Krnel

Chemical Bonding and Transverse Seebeck Effect in o-Al13Co4

B. Aguiar Santos, J. de Boor, António PEREIRA GONÇALVES

Magnesium-based TE devices: from material studies to legs assemble


Enhanced Efficiency at Maximum Power of Thermoelectric Generators Operated Under Generalized Dynamic Boundary Conditions


R. Bhardwaj, A. Hodroj, M. Pasturel, O. Rouleau, Eric ALLENO

Reduction of the Cost in n-type In-filled Co4Sb12 skutterudites by Using Low Purity reactants

Zinovi DASHEVSKY, R. Shneck, S. Vitriuk

A Novel Solar-TEG System of Electricity and Heat


Yao ABUSA, K. Kovnir

Benchtop synthesis of Zn-doped Ag2Se materials with outstanding performance near room temperature

Takao MORI

Recent advancements on the high performing thermoelectric magnesium antimonides

Leyre CATALAN, F. Algarra, B. Manias, L. Carlosena, M. Araiz, J. Ordoñez, S. Diaz de Garayo, D. Astrain, A. Martinez

Experimental development of a 4 kW thermoelectric heat pump for domestic use


Yuan YU, D. An, M. Wuttig

Metavalently bonded tellurides: the essence of improved thermoelectric performance in elemental Te

Daryoosh VASHAEE, P. Bhatnagar, B. Baraeinejad, A. R. Vazifeh

From Concept to Comfort: Complexities and Trade-offs in the Development of Functional Prototypes for Seamless Integration


Christine FIEDLER, M. Ibáñez

Revealing Key Chemical Insights in Solution-Based Thermoelectric Material Synthesis

Gerda ROGL, V. Bursikova, K. Yubuta, A. Yasuhara, P. Rogl

In-situ observation of temperature dependent microstructural changes in HPT-processed high ZT p-type skutterudite DD0.7Fe3CoSb12

Ryoji FUNAHASHI, T. Urata, Y. Matsumura, H. Murakami,
H. Ikenishi, T. Sekine

Practical application of “phase-free” thermoelectric power generators


Yutaka IWASAKI, K. Kimura, T. Mori

Defect engineering and enhanced thermoelectric performance on a semiconducting quasicrystalline approximant

Fa-Zhu DING, H.-J. Shang, H.-W. Gu

Improved thermal stability in n-type Mg3(Sb,Bi)2 for practical thermoelectric applications


Naoki SATO, T. Mori

Extremely low thermal conductivity in mixed-anion materials with heteroleptic coordination

Yosuke GOTO, H. Usui, M. Murata, C. H. Lee

Axis-dependent conduction polarity of Mg3Sb2 and Mg3Bi2 for transverse thermoelectric devices

Patricia Aranguren, I. Erro, I. Lerga, A. Casi, A. Rodriguez, A. Martinez

Design, optimization and testing of a thermoelectrical heat pump to improve the power-to-heat process of thermal energy storage systems


Xingchen SHEN, Z. Zeng, Y. Chen, E. Guilmeau

Pushing thermal conductivity to its lower limit in crystals with simple structures

Victor POSLIGUA, K. Landivar, E. R. Remesal, G. Rogl, P. F. Rogl, J.F. Sanz, J. J. Plata, A.M. Marquez

Thermoelectric property predictions in skutterudites combining

experimental and deep learning approaches

Tufan ÖZYILDIZ, Michał Haida, Rafał Fingas, Michał Pendziałek, Jacek Smołka, Daniel Sánchez Garcia-Vacas, Patricia Aranguren

Thermoelectric modules applied to the sub-cooler for energy performance improvement of propane heat pump applications







Large Hall A

Session:  TE modules and sensors

Chairman:  David ASTRAIN

Large Hall B

Session:   Chalcogenides II

Chairman: Eric TOBERER

Medium Hall

Session:  Modelling

Chairman:  Phillippe JUND


Jae Sung SON, S. Choo, J. Lee, S. E. Yang, K. Kim

Geometric design and 3D printing of thermoelectric materials and devices

A. Bertrand, Tristan BARBIER, M. Leproult, F. Gascoin

Innovative Synthesis Methods to Reach Quaternary Thioantimonate Ag4MnSb2S6


Enhanced lattice thermal transport in argyrodite compounds at elevated temperatures


Tong XING, P. Qiu, X. Shi, L. Chen

High - Performance GeTe-based Thermoelectric Materials and Modules for Power Generation

Koji MIYAZAKI, K. Kobayashi, K. Watanabe, Q. Wang, S. Iikubo

Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Heat Conduction across Bi2Te3-CsSnI3 Interface


R. Ramanathan, U. Rout, Saagar CD, S. Nagarajan, H. C. Barshilia,

Ramesh Chandra MALLIK

Design and Demonstration of ATO Thin Film Based Thermoelectric Sensor for CO Gas Sensing Application


Phonon Engineered Materials for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting

Xi JINYANG, D. Zirui, G. Menghan, L. Jun, Y. Jiong

Screening of half-Heuslers with temperature-induced band convergence and enhanced thermoelectric properties


Qun JIN, K. Nielsch, H. Reith

On-chip micro thermoelectric temperature controllers for power electronics

Benedick ANDRADE, R. Gammag

Thermoelectric Power Factor in d-dimensions


Ryoto YANAGISAWA, M. Nomura

Planar-type Silicon Energy Harvester with Thermal Switch Structure

Wenxuan WANG , D. Shen , H. Li  , K. Liu , C. Chen  , Y. Chen

Synthesis and measurement of thermoelectric performances of a copper

metal chalcogenide Cu4TiTe 4

Neophytos NEOPHYTOU, Z. Li, R. Dutt, B. Sahni, P. Graziosi

Efficient electronic transport simulations with ab initio accuracy


Paolo MELE, G. Latronico, C. Piscino, C. Artini, K. Nagai, S. Wang, K. Usami, C. Bourges, T. Mori, A. Darwish

Thermoelectric harvesters based on Co-free and Sm-filled skutterudite thin films

Masashi MIKAMI, H. Miyazaki, Y. Nishino

Rapid densification of telluride compounds by flash sintering


K. McAfee, P. B. Sunderland, Oded RABIN

Characterization of Heat Flux Sensors in Hot Environments: Pushing the Envelope of Operational Temperature with Transverse Seebeck Effect Devices

Akitoshi NAKANO, I. Terasaki

Ta2PdSe6: A guide towards high performance thermoelectric semimetals

Tianqi DENG

Computational Database of Charge Carrier Scattering and Transport in Semiconductors for Thermoelectric Applications


Yuya SAKURABA, W. Zhou, Y. Tabata, S. Inamura, K. Taguchi and M. Orito

Heat flux sensor with ultra-low thermal resistance and high flexibility using anomalous Nernst effect

    Nithin Bharadwaj PULUMATI, A. Dutt, D. Berger, N. Sherkat, U. Pelz,
P. Woias, K. Nielsch, H. Reith,

Height Optimized Micro Thermoelectric Devices

R. Tranås, K. Berland, Ø. A. Grimenes, Ole Martin LØVVIK

New materials with very low lattice conductivity from first principles and machine learning


Coffee break

Session:   Intermetallic materials

Chairman: Eckhard MUELLER

Session:  Heuslers II

Chairman: Yuzuru MIYAZAKI

Session:   New  materials

Chairman: Theodora KYRATSI


Raul CARDOSO-GIL, Mitja Krnel, Frank R. Wagner, Yuri Grin

Thermal conductivity and bonding pattern of ht-Ga3Rh

Blair F. KENNEDY, J. W. G. Bos

Zn0.5Ti0.5NiSb – A New Aliovalent half-Heusler Alloy with Intrinsic Low Thermal Conductivity

Daniela SCHÖNAUER-KAMIN, Rebekka Stephan, Daniel Paulus, Ralf Moos

Thermoelectric and Morphological Properties of Powder-Aerosol Deposited Textured Calcium Cobaltite Ca3Co4O9 Films


F. Garmroudi, M. Parzer, A. Riss, C. Bourgès, S. Khmelevskyi, T. Mori,

E. Bauer, Andrej PUSTOGOW

Metallic Thermoelectrics: High Performance via Scattering

Ziheng GAO, K.Y. Xia, X.B. Zhao, C.G. Fu, T.J. Zhu

Defective 19-electron half-Heusler compounds with promising

thermoelectric performance

J. Zich, T. Plecháček, A. Sojka, J. Navrátil, P. Ruleová, P. Kutálek, K. Knížek, Čestmír DRAŠAR

Revision of the preparation method and properties of polycrystalline Bi2O2Se – pitfalls and difficulties with reproducibility


Krzysztof GOFRYK, J.C. Griveau, P.S. Riseborough, T. Durakiewicz, K. A. McEwen, W. J. Nellis, J. L. Smith

Thermoelectric properties of correlated actinide materials

Xin AI, Yue Zhang, Nicolás Pérez, Kornelius Nielsch, Yumei Wang, Ran He

Plainification strategy promotes thermoelectric properties of p-type HfNiSn


Norihiko L. OKAMOTO, K. Fujiwara, T. Ichitsubo

Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity in an Iron Aluminide Consisting of a Tunnel Framework Structure and Guest Aluminum Atoms

R. Hatami NADERLOO, R. He, K. Nielsch, R. Bueno Villoro, D. A. Mattlat, S. Zhang, C. Scheu, G. J. Snyder, H. Zhu, Sh. Song, Zh. Ren

Composite design of half-Heusler compounds to enhance the thermoelectric performance

Zhicheng HUANG, Kei Hayashi, Xue Nan, Hiroaki Konishi, and Yuzuru Miyazaki

Enhancement of Thermoelectric Properties in p-type Iron-based Half-

Heusler VFeSb Alloys via Titanium Alloying


Fabian GARMROUDI, S. Di Cataldo, M. Parzer, I. Serhiienko, M. Grasser, S. Stockinger, A. Riss, S. Khmelevskyi, K. Pryga, B. Wiendlocha, K. Held, T. Mori, E. Bauer, A. Pustogow

High thermoelectric performance via electron-phonon interband scattering

Piyawat PIYASIN, S. Pinitsoontorn, K. Imasato, M. Ohta

Thermoelectric Enhancement through Doping in Ternary Half-Heusler Compounds: A Study on n-type NbCo1-xNixSn and p-type NbFe1-xMnxSb Modules

Kei HAYASHI, H. Takeuchi, Z. Huang, N. S. Chauhan, Q. Zhang, X. Nan, H. Li, J. Pei, J. Dong, B.-P. Zhang, J.-F. Li, Y. Miyazaki

Enhanced p-type thermoelectric properties of Mg2Ge single crystals via lattice defect engineering


Yuui YOKOTA, N. Hayashi, H. Ogino, S. Ishida, H. Sato, H. Okuno, T. Horiai, A. Yoshikawa

Control of Microstructure and Thermoelectric Properties of Mg2Si/Si Crystals with Eutectic Morphology

Ankit KUMAR, S. S. Vishak, D. K. Kedia, P. Ghosh, S. Singh

Experimentally realized high entropy alloy with ultra-low thermal conductivity and improved thermoelectric properties

Panagiotis MANGELIS, G. Samourganidis, P. Ioannou, A.-K. Søiland,

T. Kyratsi

Higher Manganese Silicide Thermoelectrics Developed by the Arc Melting

Method using Recycled Si from PV industry



Large Hall A

Session:   Characterization methods

Chairman: A. Pereira GONCALVES

Large Hall B

Session:  Chalcogenides III

Chairman:  Christophe CANDOLFI

Medium Hall

Session:  TE modules II

Chairman: Carlo FANCIULLI


Eckhard MUELLER, J. Ferrer, S. Kopatz, G. Oppitz, P. Ziolkowski

Simulation of Transient Thermoelectric Characterization

Marcelo MALAGUTTI, K. Lohani, T. Bernard, H. Nautiyal, M. D’Incau, I. C. Prades, A. Navarro, E. Saucedo, N. Ataollahi, P. Scardi

CuFeS2 in-plane Thermoelectric Generators produced by Ball milling, Thermal Evaporation, and Sulfurization

Raju CHETTY, B. Jayachandran, T. Mori

Development of a novel interface contact layer for the Mg3(Sb, Bi)2-based TE material


Duncan ZAVANELLI, Ruben Bueno Villoro, Ran He, Nicolás Pérez Rodriguez, G. J. Snyder

Using Bulk Thermoelectric Measurements to Identify Grain Boundary Transitions in NbFeSb

Anilkumar BOHRA, A. Singh, S. Bhattacharya, R. Bhatt, R. Basu, D.K.Aswal

Bismuth -Based Chalcogenides : From Materials to Device Development

Leonard FRANKE, M. Mallick, A. G. Rösch, M. I. Khan, Q. Zhang, I. Brunetti and U. Lemmer

Advancing Scalable Manufacturing of printed BiTe Thermoelectric

Modules via Screen Printing on flexible Printed Circuit Boards


Siyuan ZHANG, Y. Yu, C. Jung, L. Abdellaoui, C. Scheu

In situ microstructural observation and electrical transport measurements of PbTe thermoelectrics by transmission electron microscopy

Xiao XU, Kornelius Nielsch, Ran He

Achieving Faster Carriers in Promising MnSb2Te4 Thermoelectric Materials

Pingjun YING, H. Reith, K. Nielsch, R. He

Thermal Stability Study of Mg-Based Thermoelectric Generators in Air Atmospheres


Klaus HABICHT, D. Kojda, T. Keller, F. Bourdarot, O. M. Løvvik, E. Fertitta, E. Sagvolden, T. Tadano, P. Roshaninejad, A. B. Kademane, D. Quintero-Castro

Probing Phonon Lifetimes in Strongly Anharmonic SrTiO3

Arthur WIEDER, J. Tobola, P. Masschelein, B. Lenoir, S. El Oualid, C. Candolfi

In-depth study of the thermoelectric performance and thermal stability of Cu2SnSe3

Guillaume SAVELLI, P. Faucherand

Chips thermal management by micro-thermoelectric sensors


R. H. Naderloo, R. B. Villoro, J. U. Rahman, D. A. Mattlat, C. Jung, K. Jang, D. Zavanelli, G. J. Snyder, C. Scheu, K. Nielsch, S. Zhang, Ran HE

Unlocking the potential of grain boundary modifications in thermoelectric materials

Q. Chena, C. Yang, J. Yang, Lili XI

Defect engineering and alloying strategies for tailoring thermoelectric behavior in GeTe and its alloys

L. Xie, C. Ming, Qingfeng SONG, C. Wang, J. Liao, L. Wang, C. Zhu, F. Xu, Y.-Y. Sun, S. Bai, L. Chen

Lead-free and scalable GeTe-based thermoelectric module with an efficiency of 12%


Sanyukta GHOSH, M. Abdelbaky, B. Ryu, W. Mertin, E. Müller, J. de Boor

Micro/Nano-Scale Characterization of Magnesium Silicide-based Composites: Correlating Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy with SEM/EDX Analysis

Bushra JABAR, H. Reith, K. Nielsch

Thermoelectricity beyond Pb & Te: Unlocking high performance in sustainable Bi2S3 based thermoelectric materials

Ana L. PIRES, A. M. Pereira

Exploring Novel Pathways for Energy Harvesting: The Synergy of Thermoelectric and Magnetocaloric Systems


Matt BEEKMAN, D. Dominguez, H. Hewett-Abbott, M. Leibowitz, D. Spencer

Experimental measurements of adiabatic and isothermal Nernst coefficients of Bi and Bi2Te3+x

Jamil Ur RAHMAN, K. Jang, S. Guo, J. van den Brink, C. Jung, S. Zhang,

K. Nielsch, R. He

Unveiling the Synergistic Effect: Y2Te3 alloyed with Bi for High-Performance Thermoelectric Applications

Anup V. SANCHELA, A. Pandya, D. Anadkat, S. Dungani

Low cost graphite paint based flexible thermal sensor and thermoelectric

generator on paper


Peter Skjøtt THORUP, R. B. Stubkjær, L. R. Jørgensen, K. A. Borup, M. Roelsgaard, B. B. Iversen

Structural investigations of thermoelectric mixed ionic-electronic conductors under operating conditions

Dongyi SHEN, Ruihuan Cheng, Chen Chen  and Yue Chen

Enhanced thermoelectric performance of p-type Bi2Si2Te6 enabled via

synergistically optimizing carrier concentration and suppressing bipolar


Shengduo XU

3D printing of miniature thermoelectric cooler


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Large Hall A

Session:  TE Industry

Chairman: Jean-Pierre FLEURIAL

Large Hall B

Session:  Zintl phases II

Chairman: Franck GASCOIN

Medium Hall

Session:  Organic materials

Chairman:  Przemyslaw DATA



Thermoelectric Metrology: A Comprehensive Review from a Manufacturer’s Perspective

(Linseis Messgeräte GmbH, Germany)


Thermoelectric properties of layered AMX compounds with tunable vacancy concentrations and interlayer bonding

S. Muhammad, D. Motta, M. Bonomo, E. Marchini, S. Carli, S. Caramori,

C. Barolo, Andrea REALE

Deep eutectic solvents for thermoelectrochemical redox systems for waste-heat recovery applications


R. Mohanraman, R. Lydiard, Richard S. TULEY

Device substrates: high performance with low thermal conductivity (European Thermodynamics Ltd, UK)

Konosuke OCHI, Ryota MIYAKE, Yuki HANAMURA, Hirokazu TADA

Thermoelectric Properties of Ionic Liquids


Alex GUREVICH, I. Steiner, Z. Dashevsky, S. Vitriuk

A High Performance Thermoelectric Modules with Substrates Made by Vapor Chamber Technology (Double Check Ltd, Israel)

S. Baranets, A. Ovchinnikov, Svilen BOBEV

Structural disorder in Zintl phases. The case of Yb21Mn4Sb18 and Yb10MnSb9

G. Calabrese, R. Cecchini, M. Ferri, F. Mancarella, D. Gentili, M. Cavallini,

V. Morandi, Fabiola LISCIO

Enhancing Organic Thermoelectric Materials Through Local Control Wetting


Aniruddha RAY, M. D. Heijer

Thermoelectric Modules and Applications: An Industrial Perspective

(RGS Development, Netherlands)

Amandine DUPARCHY, F. Kreps, E. Müller, J. de Boor

Unlocking the full potential of MgAgSb by unravelling the interrelation of phase constitution and thermoelectric properties

Szymon GOGOC, P. Data, K. Wojciechowski

Influence of acidic p-type dopant on thermoelectric properties of conducting polymers



Enhancing Thermoelectric Efficiency: The U-FAST Glovebox Solution

(Genicore, Poland)

Longquan WANG, W. Zhang, S. Back, N. Kawamoto, D. H. Nguyen, T. Mori

High-performance Mg3Sb2-based thermoelectrics with increased structural ordering and microstructure evolution

M. Betty LINCOLN, R. A. Sujatha, P. Veluswamy, H. Ikeda

 Flexible polymer based textile thermoelectric generator for wearable human body energy harvesting


Uttam GHOSHAL, K. Kolle, A. Stautzenberger, M. Koelzer, J. Jamison

Large-Scale Integrated Microcooler Technology

(Sheetak Inc., Austin, USA)

Kejia LIU, C. Chen, H. Li, Y. Chen

Advancing thermoelectric performance in NaCdSb-based Zintl phase via the synergistic effect of Na deficiency and dynamic doping

Sanyin QU, Q. Xu, C. Ming, P. Qiu, X. Shi, L. Chen

High-performance n-type Ta4SiTe4/PVDF/graphdiyne organic-inorganic flexible thermoelectric composites


Marcin BORCUCH , Michal MUSIAL

The performance study of the gas-liquid thermoelectric generator
for waste heat harvesting

(TEGEOS, Poland)

Shunya  SAKANE, A. Ayukawa, N. Kiridoshi, Y. Yamashita, H. Udono

Thermoelectric performance of epitaxially grown Mg3Sb2 thin films on

sapphire substrates

Sajid MUHAMMAD, M. Franzini, S. Galliano, C. Barolo , A. Reale
Printable thermoelectric devices based on organic semiconductor

composites for low-temperature grade energy harvesting


Hong-Jing SHANG, H.-W. Gu, F.-Z. Ding

Realizing ultrahigh zT values in Mg3(Sb,Bi)2 for superior thermoelectric power-generation

    Shun-ichiro ITO, K. Kanahashi, H. Tanaka, B. Chen, H. Ohta, T. Takenobu, Temperature Dependence of Thermoelectric Properties in Electrochemically-Doped Conducting Polymer PBTTT


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Large Hall A

Session:   TE systems

Chairman: Jan KOENIG

Large Hall B

Session:  Cu-based chalcogenides II

Chairman:  Paz VAQUEIRO

Medium Hall 

Session:   Composites

Chairman: Xanthippi ZIANNI


M. M. Maia, A. L. Pires, Andre M. PEREIRA

Wireless Energy Transfer using Photothermoelectric Devices

Filipe NEVES

Tetrahedrite-based thermoelectrics: the START project's approach

Vijay VAIYAPURI, A. Jayaram, N. Mani

Boosting the thermoelectric performance of HMS/CNF composites via thermally activated conduction and microstructure engineering


Álvaro CASI., A. Patricia , C. David , A. Iñaki ,R. Antonio

Thermoelectric Subcooling Optimization for Enhancing Vapour

Compression Refrigeration Systems

Van Quang Nguyen, Thi Huong Nguyen, Cheng Chang, Li-dong Zhao, JongHo Park, Jae Ki Lee, Su-dong Park, Sunglae CHO

SnSe-SnSe2 & Bi2Se3-Sb2Se3 Misfit Layered Composite Crystal: Growth and Thermoelectric Properties


David ASTRAIN, M. Araiz, L. Catalan, N. Pascual, P. Alegría

Electric production from fumarles of volcanic origin in Antarctica by passive thermoelectric generators

Juliusz LESZCZYNSKI, P. Laskosz, C. Candolfi, B. Lenoir, P. Nieroda, A. Kolezynski

Thermoelectric properties of Cu12-2xFexMnxSb4-yTeyS13 tetrahedrites

Andrii BOICHUK, T. Boichuk, M. E. Changarath, M. Krečmarová, J. P. Martinez-Pastor, J. F. Sànchez-Royo

Novel 2D materials with tunable properties for thermoelectric application



Tian-Yu YANG, Y.-X. Zhang, Z.-H. Ge

Pseudopolymorphic Phase Engineering for Improved Thermoelectric Performance in Copper Sulfides

Peter BALÁŽ, M. Rajňák, M.B.Hudáková, L. Kubíčková, N. Daneu, P.Levinský, K.Knížek, J. Hejtmánek,  R. Džunda, M. Achimovičová, M. Baláž

Mechanochemistry in Preparation of Chatkalite/Stannite Nanocomposite: Kinetics of Synthesis and Thermoelectricity


Mykola MAKSYMUK, T. Parashchuk, A. Burbelko, K. T. Wojciechowski

High energy conversion efficiency realized by the thermoelectric converter with stepwise legs

Frantisek MIHOK, K. Saksl, M. Kruszewski, S. Michalik

Polarity switch and thermoelectric properties of polycrystalline SnSe doped

with Bi

Abinaya RENGARAJAN, M. Navaneethan, J. Archana

Enhanced charge transfer at zero-barrier injection of MoS2/α-MoO3 nanocomposites for thermoelectric applications


Alaa ATTAR, A. Alharbi

A New Design of a Geothermal Thermoelectric Generator System (GTEG) for Geothermal Heat Recovery

Sana SALAMI, S. Pailhès, C. Adessi, V. Giordano, N. Mahonisi, Z. Mthwesi, S. Vignoli, R. Debord, R. Fulcrand, N. Blanchard, A. Every, S.R. Naidoo

Phonon-drag in a graphite channel buried in diamond

Nouredine OUELDNA, A. Portavoce, K. Hoummada

Crystalline Mg-Ag-Sb thermoelectric thin films for energy harvesting applications



Large Hall (A+B)

Session:  Outstanding Awards & Plenary

Chairman: Yuri GRIN


Lyudmyla VIKHOR

In Memory of Lukyan I. ANATYCHUK 

On the scientific, technical and organizational development of the Institute of Thermoelectricity of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


G. Jeffrey SNYDER

Studies of Complex Thermoelectrics Materials


Zhifeng REN

Major Development in Thermoelectric Theories, Materials, Contacts, Modules, and Applications since 2000



The Next 30 Years of Thermoelectrics in Space Exploration (NASA)




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